What’s new in Club Med Kani, Maldives

What’s new in Club Med Kani, Maldives

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, lush marine life and endless sunshine – There’s no dreamiest place than the Maldives!

And with new additions to Club Med Kani this season, there’s even more fun to have in this tropical lagoon resort.

Discover below our new surf package and incredible Diving Centre, perfect for thrill lovers, and the stunning new Happy Kids’ Corner, perfect for the little ones!

Surf one of the best surf spots in the world


Did you know Club Med Kani is located just minutes from one of best surf spots in the world? Imaging waking up to a turquoise paradise, grabbing your board and heading for epic surf on world-class waves… Welcome to the perfect Maldives surf holiday!

With the surfing season starting end of May and finishing end of October, there’s plenty of time to get lots of waves. And with the biggest waves between July and August, thrill-seekers will enjoy surfing in the Maldives. Beginner? No worries! Surf lessons are available right from Club Med Kani for all levels, with English-speaking and professional instructors, in group or in private. Already surfing? No worries, you can pre-book online or book in-resort an outing package with a boat taking you from Club Med Kani to the best waves around.  Not finding your perfect fit? Contact us directly on 1800 258 263 to personalize your Maldives surf package!

Need more information? Read all about our Maldives Surf Package page right here.

Little ones, explore new horizons from the new Happy Kid’s Corner


The kids can have as much fun in the Maldives with Club Med Kani’s newest Happy Kids’ Corner – a wide indoor and outdoor playground making it a perfect wonderland for the little ones. With four themed rooms and different experiences for children aged 4 to 10 years old – the youngsters can enjoy immersive learning experiences about the Marine Life, develop their artistic side, do musical and theatrical workshops, or just play various games in active, collaborative hi-tech experiences. All of this with dedicated G.Os by their sides every step of the way!

Discover more about family holidays and kids clubs here.

Enjoy the new diving centre – a gateway to the unforgettable wonders of the sea


Going to the Maldives without diving would be like going to the movies and not ordering popcorn! Now with the newly open overwater Diving Centre at Club Med Kani, both first-timers and diving veterans can enjoy an unforgettable dive of underwater wonders in the safest environment with certified, highly-trained instructors!  Fully equipped with guest showers and bathroom facilities, the diving centre is a hassle-free and comfortable diving experience.

Beyond the welcome area, you can discover the learning centre dedicated to marine life exploration and scuba diving activities. Each classroom provides a panoramic view of the lagoon, inviting you to take a plunge into the waters to witness the vibrant and elaborate marine life of the Maldives.

Keen to explore more of the underwater worlds and surfing wonder of the Maldives? Discover more from Club Med Kani.


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