Is this the most perfect sunset proposal in the Maldives?

Is this the most perfect sunset proposal in the Maldives?

Now this might be proposal goals with this incredibly romantic sunset set-up in the Finolhu Villas in the Maldives.

There is just something about being swept away from home and into a new and romantic destination that makes even the simplest of proposals wonderful!

Kani Photo Shop’s photographer captured Kevin’s proposal to Pauline on the perfect white-sand beach of Club Med Finolhu Villas, with an incredible view looking out over the crystal clear blue waters of Maldives.

Discover below the pictures of the proposal and the reaction of Pauline after the magical sunset proposal in the Maldives!

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Please tell us more about your proposal!

“This trip was supposed to be a birthday trip for Kevin, but little did I know he actually planned the proposal about 6 months before we flew there. He contacted the Club Med staff and arranged everything prior to our arrival.

When we arrived, the staff told us that we were entitled a free massage (for one) and an hour photo shoot for his birthday. I totally did not suspect a single thing because I had expected some kind of perks since we were spending Kevin’s birthday during our stay at Club Med.

Apparently, he made use of the time while I was at the massage to arrange the proposal set-up and decor with the staff. During the photo shoot, the photographer brought me to the venue (while Kevin was away due to a “tummy ache”) and I was totally surprised when I saw the entire set up.

Kevin had made a video and I watched it on his iPad. He got all our loved ones to record their blessings and messages and I was literally bawling my eyes out! Everything was so beautiful, especially the view – an open ocean against the backdrop of the sunset. It was the perfect proposal!” ~ Pauline






Congratulations on your engagement, Kevin and Pauline, and thank you for sharing your proposal story with us!

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